149 – To Refer or Not to Refer

OD Fee $60

CE Hours = 2

When working in a primary eye care setting, a great variety of conditions can present on a daily basis. It can sometimes be difficult to know when to refer a patient on to a specialist, outpatient work-up, or even to the emergency department. There can be a hesitancy to over-refer and cause the patient undue stress and anxiety working against a fear of missing a significant, or even life-threatening finding. This case-based course demonstrates several patient scenarios and lets the participants determine what they would do in each situation. Then, a pivotal in-office test, sometimes common and sometimes less common, is presented, which helps to sway the pendulum towards either referral or observation of the patient. Participants are reminded that they have many tools at their disposal, which when used appropriately, can help them to determine how to best manage their patients.