Jackie O’Keefe

Jackie O’Keefe, ABOC is licensed in Virginia and has been in the Optical industry since 1981. Jackie enjoys every facet of Opticianry from dispensing and writing to lecturing and consulting. In her spare time she can be found on the open road riding her Harley Davidson or on the dance floor dancing to her hearts content.  And did you know that optical runs in her family? Mother Ginny McLaughlin, Sisters Candace O’Keefe-Culp and Laurie O’Keefe-Pierce are all in optical and just love to gather and talk optics. She was active in the International Association of Lions Clubs, a volunteer for Maine’s Prevention of Blindness Programs, Inc., on the speakers’ bureau for the Suicide Prevention Awareness & Resource Council. Jackie is Past President of the Opticians Association of Virginia and a founding member and Past President of the Opticians Association of Maine. She resides and consults in the Virginia Beach, VA area.

O’Keefe Optical Consultants
Zuni, Virginia
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